Tuesday, November 17, 2009

STORE FRONT, like MEMORY BANK ponder, THE deathly CREAM always wanders....HUH?!?!

well i know this doesnt happen to the army

   'Ello govna's and govette's and all the rest of the glove latex lovers, im a aloe man myself, wink wink....so anyway yesterday i was out towson town center looking for some music and i found some "THE NEW FLESH" and "ABSOLUTION" now of the two im really diggin the absolution not only are they bad ass like spawn but they have a black lead singer(punk) but anywho thats not the point of this, but what is, is that im currently on the look out for a shop store front or for that matter a co-op with an establishment of some sort so that i may spawn a revival of the art of conversation, or maybe the pursuit of truth, or poetry crooners, word chefs something cool and unknowlingly scholastic ohhhhhhhh something simple like "DIalogue" well anyway its a work in progress, im also working on a poetry book, im sorry i couldnt talk about something real this time oh well...

 O saved by the cnn news reel, so just read a bout a single mother who happens to fight for our country in the army and has been arrested for missing deployment.....why? ...well ill tell you my little chums, she had to stay home and take care of her new born son who didnt have anyone else to take care of him and also her superiors told her that she would have to deploy to afghanistan despite her child and would have to place the child in foster care, which in most cases results in a child lost in the system,, sounds like pig pucky to me, in other words that sucks, and then the armys representitives(who are always giant douchers) came out and said "i dont know who her commanding officers are but the army would never deploy a single mother to the middle of war"(this is said with a pinky up like doctor evil) and well this just sounds like some more bullshit dudes and dudets just sounds like the army is trying to save face i personnally think this is worst than the guantanamo bay perDICKament, UNTIL NEXT TIME, this has been a ICECREAMBYDEATH bitch slap

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