Wednesday, November 11, 2009

YOUR A SLUT(i know) YOUR A SLUT(i know) YOUR A SLUT(i know, call me a slut one more time) SLUT!!! SLUT!!! SLUT!!! SLUT!!!

(im a busy man, that drinks busy coffee,reads the busy paper, and takes busy poops)

Good day ladys and gents....oh and to clear somethings up,... to you guys and fem-fatales who think im calling the lot of you, ladys and gents just to be polite is completely the opposite of my snarkiness, i call all the men(and you women that want to be men) gents because a gentleman is a man who is of good nature and as much as i hope that my readers are gentlemen, its not always the case most of the time they are "posers", and as far "the ladys" im calling everyone a lady because in the sense that someone is always trying to tarnish a lady or the good nature of her, and in such names such as harlot,slut, and the like are tossed around yet if we look at ourselves, we will see some harlot in ourselves, prostitutes if you will because we are all in the pursuit of money in some shape or form, and now on to the point.....Sorry to offend(maybe...partially)

so as the title can be interpreted this one goes out to all those sexy religions out there,... as always ive had to battle religion and and religious fanatics relentlessly. ive had to battle the bible reciters, the self riotous molesters and last but not least the people that beleive what these molesters, money grubbers, and bible spitters say, and thats just on the christian(catholic, evangelical) side i also have a problem with Scientology,Judaism, Islam, and maybe i dont have a problem with the religions I BELIEVE it is the poeple who drench there lives in it, and sometimes it might not be apparent that there lives are enthralled in religion to the point where it makes people such as myself who are of secular faith( honestly the way people adore and worship their religion is sickening) people dont understand that THE NOTION OF GOD came before religion and that if you are to worship anything it should be him/HER(THE CONNECTION OF THE UNIVERSE), and i also dont believe that the guy/gal wants you to bow down to HIM OR HER either, just living by the moral ability THAT has BEEN bestowed upon you. and maybe i sound like a preacher,pastor,bishop, or whatever BUT im going to be truthful i am going to rape molest and beat your brain in to a pulp until you all understand the reality of life and disbanded the former

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