Sunday, December 6, 2009

LET me SInk THE Little man from INSIDE THE bOAT!!!!! i WONT CATCH a hernia!!!

(its a very happy time)

ello govnas and govettes, hangin out like wet clothes in the evermore discussions of life liberty and the lack of a pursuit of happiness, but in the midst of talking of such, under the category of liberty, the liberty todo the cunnilingous cha-cha, so the conversation came about when me and the lady were doing the "kid n' play" a dance if ya didnt know, but back to the jist, while we were doing such a dance the idea of clitorus, or the female dick, the lady chub, the skirted rod lol, and amongst the ideas was the fact that there are women in the world with massive members, and along with those members have ofcourse diffrent shades colors, and versions of what we all commonly know as a vagina, and as we "played" with this idea it seemed that the brow raiseing mention that many women become selfconscience of their sugar cuts because of the i guess(dare i say it) the mainstream portrayel of such a thing, and i find that many people find atleast one thing about their bodies that pretty much disgusts them based on some warped depiction of perfection when in actuallity such a swan was probly snipped trimmed, and tailored from some other ugly duckling, but anywho everybody should just love their body and just bump uglies with the prettiest one you can find and i bet that 2 will be ugly lol untill next time be good to your croch rockets, and scuttle bags for they are all you've got next to vaginal reguvination, penis pumps and other gizmos that really hurt just to get pleasure.....peace peace peace POW

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy turkey day and merry XMAS!!!!

good day boys and girls, women and men, hers and the hes, i was thinking today that not much of the american population understand the full scope of holidays such as thnaksgiving, christmas, and easter, now i dont really care about the mass ignorance as long as the people i have come to know and love know and understand the way i feel about such things, like the fact that i refuse to say happy thanksgiving because well i dont think killing of native americans is much of a thanks to the gifts they gave to the puritans that trecked over here since you know that without the help of the native americans the puritans would have surely not have lasted as long as they did in the "NEW WORLD" now recently ive come to the fact that iam of black foot indian descent which makes me more to the for front of non thanksgiving praise, but on to the next point many people find that easter and christmas are the most untruthfully advertised and are always taught in passing after all most people dont know that saint nick was just a saint he doesnt live in the north pole and the rest, also that the easter bunny to jesus ideal doesnt link in the least, christian faith is monotheistic meaing one god, while the easter bunny crap came from the german goddess eostre which is completely a paganistic belief which in definition would be religious slander or blasphemy, and christmas its self is just a massive bulk of tangents spawning from inconclusive ideas of "only sinners (like Pharaoh and Herod)" celebrated their birthdays." according to Origen of Alexandria which also states that the nativity was on march 28, which over time as all holidays go the people who celebrate such add their own traditions to the festivitys includeing christmas trees with candels and popcorn strung together, "let your works shine," saith He; but now all our shops and gates shine! You will now-a-days find more doors of heathens without lamps and laurel-wreaths than of Christians. What does the case seem to be with regard to that species (of ceremony) also? If it is an idol's honour, without doubt an idol's honour is idolatry. If it is for a man's sake, let us again consider that all idolatry is for man's sake; let us again consider that all idolatry is a worship done to men, since it is generally agreed even among their worshippers that aforetime the gods themselves of the nations were men; and so it makes no difference whether that superstitious homage be rendered to men of a former age or of this.What Tertullian seems to be saying is that observing mid-winter celebrations make Christians appear to be followers of pagan gods, and since the pagans would not intentionally celebrate days considered by many to be Christian, Christians should not celebrate days that are honored by the heathen. Specifically, he felt that those who profess Christ should not celebrate Saturnalia, New Year's, or other pagan days, as even the observance is a form of idolatry"( from Catholic Teachings About Christmas(K. Knight. Nihil Obstat, November 1, 1908. Remy Lafort, S.T.D., Censor. Imprimatur. +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York).         SO IF YOU VALUE YOUR SOULD DONT CELEBRATE ANY OF THIS CRAP!!!!!

sike i dont care, do your thugdizzle, whatever god or goddess you worship shall understand lol

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Child soldiers, LEAVE ME HERE SAVE YOUR SELF, gimme the wallet and ill go get HELP!!!!

so acouple days ago im helping my lady friend with a project for her college class and it just so happen to be about child soliders and the over powering point of her paper and video was that child soliders are not confined to the battle fields of africa which happen to be villages, and citys where civilans live, but in china, korea, all across the middle east, and last but seemingly the least america and as we work on such a project she told in detail about the problems  these children face, includeing being stripped from their families whether or not the family was actually kept alive varies with the child, and getting back into the mindstate that you are apart of society after killing so much not to mention drug addiction most probably, but anywho i just wanted to drop this one off at the loading dock to see if anyone figgadeals this, specially since the most that people do is say "tisk tisk"(wagging finger) thats pretty bad my little Nosferatus

DiDnt anybody ever tell you not to talk to mutha fudgin strangers GIRL!!!!

Dude i was totally abducted

good morrow ladys and gents its been a long time i shouldnt have left you without a seasoned appetizer for you to feed from, but here is a nice and hot and alittle steamy one for you all,so lately ive been doing alot to get back on track with my life or for that matter to start ive been trying to get (clap) PUMPED UP!!! and ive been doing good with it, but my point is that on route to my home i stopped to pick up the daily dose of bills and such, and alittle girl coming home from school( hence the bookbag, and uniform) so shes walking up the sidewalk and i see her out of the corner of my eye which all i could make out was that she was small because of the sun, but she waved to me and said hi.....this to me was odd not because a person said hello to me but because this little girl did it with no hesitation she did it because thats what she knows todo, not to act snarky, not to roll her eyes  but to be polite and though most parents teach their children not to speak to strangers, in fear of abduction which leads to rape and other diabolical things, that little girl didnt stop to talk she said her peace and kept the car running, but i think in that sense people have completely lost the fact that you are not a pedaphial for being nice, granted im only 18 and i dont meet the stereotype but nonetheless, keep your kids humble and they wont grow up to be the hot skanks and dice tumblers of tomorrow, which seems to be hard to many people to understand that teaching their children about the dangers of the world doesnt have to be in spite of others, nor do you need to shelter them from the dangers so harshly because beleive it or not those are usually the kids that are taken first.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

STORE FRONT, like MEMORY BANK ponder, THE deathly CREAM always wanders....HUH?!?!

well i know this doesnt happen to the army

   'Ello govna's and govette's and all the rest of the glove latex lovers, im a aloe man myself, wink anyway yesterday i was out towson town center looking for some music and i found some "THE NEW FLESH" and "ABSOLUTION" now of the two im really diggin the absolution not only are they bad ass like spawn but they have a black lead singer(punk) but anywho thats not the point of this, but what is, is that im currently on the look out for a shop store front or for that matter a co-op with an establishment of some sort so that i may spawn a revival of the art of conversation, or maybe the pursuit of truth, or poetry crooners, word chefs something cool and unknowlingly scholastic ohhhhhhhh something simple like "DIalogue" well anyway its a work in progress, im also working on a poetry book, im sorry i couldnt talk about something real this time oh well...

 O saved by the cnn news reel, so just read a bout a single mother who happens to fight for our country in the army and has been arrested for missing deployment.....why? ...well ill tell you my little chums, she had to stay home and take care of her new born son who didnt have anyone else to take care of him and also her superiors told her that she would have to deploy to afghanistan despite her child and would have to place the child in foster care, which in most cases results in a child lost in the system,, sounds like pig pucky to me, in other words that sucks, and then the armys representitives(who are always giant douchers) came out and said "i dont know who her commanding officers are but the army would never deploy a single mother to the middle of war"(this is said with a pinky up like doctor evil) and well this just sounds like some more bullshit dudes and dudets just sounds like the army is trying to save face i personnally think this is worst than the guantanamo bay perDICKament, UNTIL NEXT TIME, this has been a ICECREAMBYDEATH bitch slap

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A NIGGA MOMENT(get serious boyeeeeeee!!!!)

i guess because i would be considered black i have todo atleast one NIGGER BLOG so here you go, eat up you little race fanatics

So as wonderfully refreshing as today has been, this infamous word has clearly defined the kinship of many, of the "black persuasion". Yet today as this post is advancing towards, the word black was used in place of the word nigga/er. the conversation was as "do you go to church?" yes "do you curse or do things the church wouldnt aprove of?" and based on my response of yes he promptly replied "you got some black in you then huh?" and in such i became very offended because in that context i took black as an implied synonym for nigga.

the conversation then erupted into a debate of what in fact the word nigga actually meant, the word obviously meant ignorance, though deeper meaning in the context of what i think a nigga is, would be a person who feels they may do or say anything without regard for the ideals and or effect it has on others. upon my definition my opposition began to negate my denotation of the word and in such the debate escalated into the reasons of being proud of being "black", but not before stating that using the word nigga is to strong of a word and hurts peoples feelings, well excuse me for being unprofessional but if your acting like a nigga,nigger or any spin of the term like spear chucker then boo mother fricken hoo if someone calls you as such, for i believe if you feel as though the word is to strong then obviously were makeing some head way. but back to the jest of as we began talk of the definition of black and or white and the simple fact that all of such word knowledge is gathered from the fathoms of white illustration, and the classification of races, i denounced the need to identify with a des-olent color, i am but a human being void of the need to subject others to nigger-ish and niggerdum.


I'm a nigger, he's a nigger, she's a nigger, we some niggers, wouldn't you like to be a nigger too? To all my kike niggas, spic niggers, Guinea niggers, chink niggers, that's right, y'all my niggers too I'm a nigger, he's a nigger, she's a nigger, we some niggers, wouldn't you like to be a nigger too? They like to strangle niggers, blaming niggers, shooting niggers, hanging niggers, still you wanna be a nigger too? True i know you do


(men 2gether how sweet, not homo at all, all hetero baby)
Good sun shiny day ladys and gents, to those not in maryland it is absolutely beautiful outside(not like Hilary Clinton) so today I found myself on the bus stop coming from work and on this bus stop was I the skater type afrocentric "POWER TO THE PEOPLE" guy, a older guy of about 20 with the ima gangsta look going on(he was complaining about his extra gangsta sinuses) but anyway so then there was the final guy who was dressed like a business man and acted as if he was with his blackberry talking of plans and typing on his laptop so I shall call him busy man(he's a busy man who drinks busy coffee and takes busy poops) so its me the sloothe,the gangsta wigga, and the business man, so we are all sitting together on the bus stop mind you im the only dark skinned fella there(gangsta is white and business man is Hispanic) so we are avoiding eye contact well they are and are doing our own things and these white chicks pull up infront of the bus stop and start harassing the white guy cursing at'em calling him a wigga, a poser, a chump in less words, and as the wigga gets up to put some bass to the ladys face we(business man and I) hold him back and proceeded to yell at the ladys calling them names like Paris Hilton wannabes experimental cunt lickers, and grand dad cock waxers throwing soda in their car.... as they sped off we all went back to be silent, as if we didn't know each other were on the bus stop.