Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DiDnt anybody ever tell you not to talk to mutha fudgin strangers GIRL!!!!

Dude i was totally abducted

good morrow ladys and gents its been a long time i shouldnt have left you without a seasoned appetizer for you to feed from, but here is a nice and hot and alittle steamy one for you all,so lately ive been doing alot to get back on track with my life or for that matter to start ive been trying to get (clap) PUMPED UP!!! and ive been doing good with it, but my point is that on route to my home i stopped to pick up the daily dose of bills and such, and alittle girl coming home from school( hence the bookbag, and uniform) so shes walking up the sidewalk and i see her out of the corner of my eye which all i could make out was that she was small because of the sun, but she waved to me and said hi.....this to me was odd not because a person said hello to me but because this little girl did it with no hesitation she did it because thats what she knows todo, not to act snarky, not to roll her eyes  but to be polite and though most parents teach their children not to speak to strangers, in fear of abduction which leads to rape and other diabolical things, that little girl didnt stop to talk she said her peace and kept the car running, but i think in that sense people have completely lost the fact that you are not a pedaphial for being nice, granted im only 18 and i dont meet the stereotype but nonetheless, keep your kids humble and they wont grow up to be the hot skanks and dice tumblers of tomorrow, which seems to be hard to many people to understand that teaching their children about the dangers of the world doesnt have to be in spite of others, nor do you need to shelter them from the dangers so harshly because beleive it or not those are usually the kids that are taken first.

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