Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Child soldiers, LEAVE ME HERE SAVE YOUR SELF, gimme the wallet and ill go get HELP!!!!

so acouple days ago im helping my lady friend with a project for her college class and it just so happen to be about child soliders and the over powering point of her paper and video was that child soliders are not confined to the battle fields of africa which happen to be villages, and citys where civilans live, but in china, korea, all across the middle east, and last but seemingly the least america and as we work on such a project she told in detail about the problems  these children face, includeing being stripped from their families whether or not the family was actually kept alive varies with the child, and getting back into the mindstate that you are apart of society after killing so much not to mention drug addiction most probably, but anywho i just wanted to drop this one off at the loading dock to see if anyone figgadeals this, specially since the most that people do is say "tisk tisk"(wagging finger) thats pretty bad my little Nosferatus

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