Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy turkey day and merry XMAS!!!!

good day boys and girls, women and men, hers and the hes, i was thinking today that not much of the american population understand the full scope of holidays such as thnaksgiving, christmas, and easter, now i dont really care about the mass ignorance as long as the people i have come to know and love know and understand the way i feel about such things, like the fact that i refuse to say happy thanksgiving because well i dont think killing of native americans is much of a thanks to the gifts they gave to the puritans that trecked over here since you know that without the help of the native americans the puritans would have surely not have lasted as long as they did in the "NEW WORLD" now recently ive come to the fact that iam of black foot indian descent which makes me more to the for front of non thanksgiving praise, but on to the next point many people find that easter and christmas are the most untruthfully advertised and are always taught in passing after all most people dont know that saint nick was just a saint he doesnt live in the north pole and the rest, also that the easter bunny to jesus ideal doesnt link in the least, christian faith is monotheistic meaing one god, while the easter bunny crap came from the german goddess eostre which is completely a paganistic belief which in definition would be religious slander or blasphemy, and christmas its self is just a massive bulk of tangents spawning from inconclusive ideas of "only sinners (like Pharaoh and Herod)" celebrated their birthdays." according to Origen of Alexandria which also states that the nativity was on march 28, which over time as all holidays go the people who celebrate such add their own traditions to the festivitys includeing christmas trees with candels and popcorn strung together, "let your works shine," saith He; but now all our shops and gates shine! You will now-a-days find more doors of heathens without lamps and laurel-wreaths than of Christians. What does the case seem to be with regard to that species (of ceremony) also? If it is an idol's honour, without doubt an idol's honour is idolatry. If it is for a man's sake, let us again consider that all idolatry is for man's sake; let us again consider that all idolatry is a worship done to men, since it is generally agreed even among their worshippers that aforetime the gods themselves of the nations were men; and so it makes no difference whether that superstitious homage be rendered to men of a former age or of this.What Tertullian seems to be saying is that observing mid-winter celebrations make Christians appear to be followers of pagan gods, and since the pagans would not intentionally celebrate days considered by many to be Christian, Christians should not celebrate days that are honored by the heathen. Specifically, he felt that those who profess Christ should not celebrate Saturnalia, New Year's, or other pagan days, as even the observance is a form of idolatry"( from Catholic Teachings About Christmas(K. Knight. Nihil Obstat, November 1, 1908. Remy Lafort, S.T.D., Censor. Imprimatur. +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York).         SO IF YOU VALUE YOUR SOULD DONT CELEBRATE ANY OF THIS CRAP!!!!!

sike i dont care, do your thugdizzle, whatever god or goddess you worship shall understand lol

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