Sunday, December 6, 2009

LET me SInk THE Little man from INSIDE THE bOAT!!!!! i WONT CATCH a hernia!!!

(its a very happy time)

ello govnas and govettes, hangin out like wet clothes in the evermore discussions of life liberty and the lack of a pursuit of happiness, but in the midst of talking of such, under the category of liberty, the liberty todo the cunnilingous cha-cha, so the conversation came about when me and the lady were doing the "kid n' play" a dance if ya didnt know, but back to the jist, while we were doing such a dance the idea of clitorus, or the female dick, the lady chub, the skirted rod lol, and amongst the ideas was the fact that there are women in the world with massive members, and along with those members have ofcourse diffrent shades colors, and versions of what we all commonly know as a vagina, and as we "played" with this idea it seemed that the brow raiseing mention that many women become selfconscience of their sugar cuts because of the i guess(dare i say it) the mainstream portrayel of such a thing, and i find that many people find atleast one thing about their bodies that pretty much disgusts them based on some warped depiction of perfection when in actuallity such a swan was probly snipped trimmed, and tailored from some other ugly duckling, but anywho everybody should just love their body and just bump uglies with the prettiest one you can find and i bet that 2 will be ugly lol untill next time be good to your croch rockets, and scuttle bags for they are all you've got next to vaginal reguvination, penis pumps and other gizmos that really hurt just to get pleasure.....peace peace peace POW

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