Wednesday, November 11, 2009


(men 2gether how sweet, not homo at all, all hetero baby)
Good sun shiny day ladys and gents, to those not in maryland it is absolutely beautiful outside(not like Hilary Clinton) so today I found myself on the bus stop coming from work and on this bus stop was I the skater type afrocentric "POWER TO THE PEOPLE" guy, a older guy of about 20 with the ima gangsta look going on(he was complaining about his extra gangsta sinuses) but anyway so then there was the final guy who was dressed like a business man and acted as if he was with his blackberry talking of plans and typing on his laptop so I shall call him busy man(he's a busy man who drinks busy coffee and takes busy poops) so its me the sloothe,the gangsta wigga, and the business man, so we are all sitting together on the bus stop mind you im the only dark skinned fella there(gangsta is white and business man is Hispanic) so we are avoiding eye contact well they are and are doing our own things and these white chicks pull up infront of the bus stop and start harassing the white guy cursing at'em calling him a wigga, a poser, a chump in less words, and as the wigga gets up to put some bass to the ladys face we(business man and I) hold him back and proceeded to yell at the ladys calling them names like Paris Hilton wannabes experimental cunt lickers, and grand dad cock waxers throwing soda in their car.... as they sped off we all went back to be silent, as if we didn't know each other were on the bus stop.

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