Monday, November 9, 2009

I GOT SOME CONES THAT IM WILLIN TO SELL,, sell the ice cream 2, 2 scoops for a BILL

Good morrow ladys and gents, boys and girls, dice tumblers of another number, welcome to the new danger, to begin this is the second blog ive started and im starting this one because well the last one was a bit to strong in the pants if you know what i mean lnol(laugh not out loud), so the last blog was more or less( mostly more) about ripping the world a new one but i didnt keep up with it and i didnt spread the word enough to get an audience so it pretty much died, so ICE CREAM BY DEATH(THE NEW DANGER WAS BORN),  so this blog is made to get you (tap on chest) PUMPED UP and give everyone a diffrent minds eye on the world around us. peace peace peace POW

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