Wednesday, November 11, 2009

cat fights and more to get you HOT IN THE PANTS!?!?

(sexy cat lady)

Good day ladys and gents today,(well tonight) I am feeling rather spectacular because I just got home from spending an evening with the miss's, and because I feel this way I might not rip the human race a new.....hardy har who am I kidding she only gave me more fuel to get my mustang American made gas guzzling job giving away ecosystem destroying fire burning even anyway the beat goes as I rode public transportation(which I lothe) and it isn't just the people or the asshole bus drivers but the fact that I think the exhaust from a bus does a lot more damage than a car) but anyway 5 young ladys who didn't seem to know each other catch wind of each other at a bus stop, and it just so happens that they all have the same hairstyle and in this thought they began yelling screaming and soon this scenario is real and is a good example of people who believe that they are original when they are clearly under the influence of uniformity, which basically comes from the idea that there is only one type of beauty and or hipness, but this is a problem we will forever face because we are all primal and are just trying to be top dog

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