Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dont Burn all my franken scents and merlow bro

Good day my fellow generation x follow ups as well as, the rest of  the international play boys and play girls, today is going to be a very eventful day whether it be good or bad it shall be eventful, i say this because if when you first wake up and turn on the tv to get a eye ball on the news and all you hear is there is going to be an execution of a black man named muhammad you just know its going to be a day of scandalous skeezers and such lol, the catalyst of history are nothing more than the popularity contests of tabloid blues, noteing nothing more than pop culture, you know i was reading the other day probly on sunday, that the actual midnight ride wasnt carried by paul revere it was done by andrew bisel which sounds like a vacuum cleaner so im guess "ing" they thought revere sounds cooler which it does, thats like the whole reason for mount rushmore, which was suppose to have sitting bull up there except the guy that was doing it ,wasnt to....hugs and kisses about native americans at the time, and plus it was made to gather tourists to the "west bum fuck no where" so like i said everything is based on pop culture and how you spin it, and also if you can get enough people to read it, see it, and dumb enough to believe it, its like a pie in the face pizza of death to the brain, and there goes your knowledge.

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